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#Volunteering @nolimitshelp What value volunteers?

Volunteers……do look after them!


Volunteering Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” Marjorie Moore

It is my perception that volunteering seems to have become more acceptable and ‘OK’. This was borne out by some research that showed that the United Kingdom is now the 8th most charitable country in the world, according to new figures from the Charities Aid Foundation. We all know that a charity cannot succeed without a strong core of volunteers. I work as a Fundraiser for No Limits (and Promotion, Communications). The range of tasks undertaken by the volunteers (currently around 150) is huge as well as the skills that they have to offer. From receptionist to drop in from mentor to intern, from trustee to befriender. Even more pertinent is the actual financial…

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#YoungParents Should Read This

Children……their parents have a significant responsibility for their life path…


Life is a lottery and where you are born can mean everything…

The #DuchessofCambridge is in labour and the #RoyalBaby’s birth is imminent. The press are waiting with baited breath, “boy or girl, future king or queen?” What a life awaits this child. No financial concerns will dog its parents, no housing problems or school dinner money worries will keep them awake at night. A life without many of the problems facing parents in the UK today.

What about young parents? For them life can be tough on myriad levels. For those who lack the vital support of an extended family unit, parenthood can be even harder. Isolation can have a devastating effect on a young parent and create future problems for the children. In addition, young parents often face a barrage of criticism and judgement from the media who continue to stigmatise them in the press. Some may feel left…

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The #WorkingPoor in the UK: The devastating Facts

An issue that most people do not understand or even realise exists…..


Conjure up an image of a poor family. What do you visualise? Jobless parent(s) watching TV all day, waking up at 2pm, drinking endless tea and smoking multiple cigarettes?

The truth will shock you.

Envisage getting up at 5am every day and walking 2 miles to work, which is doubly hard because of the late finish last night in your other job. Now imagine on payday after bills and rent are paid, there is no money left to feed your family.

This is the appalling reality of the working poor in this country in 2013.

66 per cent of children in absolute poverty come from working households in Great Britain. That means two out of three children who are poor have at least one working parent who cannot survive on the income they receive. The fragile position of these families means they face a relentless battle between hardship and absolute crisis…

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#SocialMedia and #Technology: Helping #NoLimits make a difference in seven different ways #charities #nonprofits

It is essential for all charities to embrace the best in social media and various o- line technologies to diversify their appeal,income streams and raise their profile.


Facebook Data May 2013When I first joined No Limits in 2010 they  had a Website, a fledgling YouTube Channel and used Outlook Express as an e-mail client …..and that was it. Over the last couple of years things have changed dramatically. Not only do I fundraise but I also have within my job title Promotion and Communications.  The charity has also grown in size….in 09/10 it supported around 4,500 young people, had 45 volunteers, 31 paid staff and a turn over of about £825,000. This year (12/13) we have supported over 6,000 young people, have over 150 volunteers, 65 paid staff and a turn round of about £1.5 million. It has also expanded its operations from Southampton to include Hampshire, Eastleigh and Portsmouth.

Measuring the success (and that in itself is open to debate) of all forms of Marketing/Promotion/Communications is difficult and far from an exact science. It is also challenging  to separate out…

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A life changing experience.#nolimitsradbikechallenge



At the end of September No Limits will be supporting four young people take part in the
Rad Vlaanderen Stuttgart Challenge. This team event involves riding 500+ miles from Bruges Belgium) to Stuttgart (Germany) in three days. There is more about this challenge here.
This event will provide a potentially life changing experience to those young people that take part. All of them have already faced adversity and challenging issues that have given them a disadvantaged start in their lives. This exciting venture could make a huge difference to their lives.
There is only thirteen weeks left until the start. We will be inviting eight young service users to take part in the training and preparation and the four that show the most commitment will take part. This is much to do…..sourcing bikes, equipment (helmets, riding clothing, backpacks etc.), accommodation, ferry crossings, passports and, of course, training. By the middle of September…

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National Award For No Limits,Southampton and Hampshire Charity supporting young people

Well done!


No Limits has been awarded a national award, the GSK Impact Award in recognition of its outstanding work supporting young people.
The GSK IMPACT Awards have been running since 1997 and are designed to recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people’s health. The awards are funded by GlaxoSmithKline and managed in partnership with The King’s Fund.
The awards are open to registered charities that are at least three years old, working in a health-related field in the UK, with a total annual income between £10,000 and £1.5 million.
The GSK IMPACT Awards is seen as a ‘seal of excellence’ in the sector. As well as receiving £30,000 in funding during a difficult financial climate, No Limits took part in a training programme hosted by The King’s Fund that provides training, development and networking opportunities.
Click through the link below for more details and to listen…

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Alone.No Family. No Job.


Each year No Limits supports hundreds of young people who have no support from family or friends make a new start. Many young people that we see have no job and need support and advice in this area. You can help by volunteering
Poster 3 May Campaign or sending us a donation at

Looking for work? No Job? See how No Limits has helped: Click on

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