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The #WorkingPoor in the UK: The devastating Facts

August 5, 2013

An issue that most people do not understand or even realise exists…..


Conjure up an image of a poor family. What do you visualise? Jobless parent(s) watching TV all day, waking up at 2pm, drinking endless tea and smoking multiple cigarettes?

The truth will shock you.

Envisage getting up at 5am every day and walking 2 miles to work, which is doubly hard because of the late finish last night in your other job. Now imagine on payday after bills and rent are paid, there is no money left to feed your family.

This is the appalling reality of the working poor in this country in 2013.

66 per cent of children in absolute poverty come from working households in Great Britain. That means two out of three children who are poor have at least one working parent who cannot survive on the income they receive. The fragile position of these families means they face a relentless battle between hardship and absolute crisis…

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