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#Homeless. In Poverty.Alone.

Homeslessness….why in this age do we have young people that cannot call anywhere home?



Next week No Limits is hosting a Business Breakfast.It is for those individuals and businesses who have supported us or who have shown an interest in our work with young people or who may be able to work with us in the future.John Denham MP, will be giving a keynote speech about young people and poverty. It is a sad fact the each year we support hundreds of young people who are either sleeping rough,sofa surfing or living in a hostel. To continue to help them we need donations. Go here or Text NLIM01 £5 to 70070 Thank you
No Limits. Helping young people help themselves.

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Do you have what it takes to change a life?

Such an essential service….


Do you want to make a huge difference to someone’s life?

Do you enjoy going to the cinema, cafés or playing football? If so, why not become an Independent Visitor volunteer and make a huge impact in a young person’s life by building not only rapport, but confidence – you may even enjoy yourself at the same time!

If you have 4 hours a month to spare, you can be a truly significant and positive influence on a young person, who may lack an adult role model to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with or gain emotional support from.

Like some young people, Paul 15 has lived most of his life in care and foster housing and has received regular support from various organisations, including No Limits’ Advocacyservice. Aside from the essential help he has been provided, Paul would love a mentor, a supporter, a friend -someone he can relate…

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Lindsey Noble. An introduction to her challenge of a lifetime.


Clipper Round The WorldA couple of days ago we had a visit from Lindsey Noble. Lindsey is currently the principal at Southampton City College.

Lindsey described to us her challenge of a lifetime.


In 5 months from now, in mid August 2013, Lindsey will be taking part in the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Race.  12 Identical 70ft yachts leave the shores of the UK to begin the 40,000 mile circumnavigation. The race will cover 40,000-miles, visit six continents in 15 stopovers during the eleven-month challenge. Lindsey will experience some of the most challenging seas and weather conditions possible.

This major global event has an audience in excess of half a billion people in more than 200 countries.


As part of this challenge Lindsey wants to raise money for two charities. We were very excited to learn that one of these is No Limits. She chose No Limits because they give…

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Caryl: From No Limits: Helping vulnerable young people by managing No Limits’ Services.

Great staff and volunteers supporting vulnerable children and young people in Southampton and across Hampshire


Caryl EyersCaryl works at No Limits as a Manager. Like many paid staff Caryl   started off fifteen years by volunteering at No Limits as a Youth Worker. Caryl is one of four managers and is responsible, in particular, for those projects that focus on counselling, advocacy, child sexual exploitation and children’s rights. This includes our Just4U (supporting looked after children)) and Miss U Turn projects (children who have run away from home) U turn (those young people who are at risk  being sexually exploited) and our free counselling service that supports a whole range of young people who have several different issues.

In a typical day Caryl needs to maintain contact with her two team leaders, monitor and evaluate the various  projects, write reports (her favourite!) and attend meetings with a whole range of other organisations including other charities, statutory bodies such as Social Care and CAMHS (child and…

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Four ways of investing in No Limits (probably) the best charity in Southampton (and possibly Hampshire)

Probably the best charity in Southampton and Hampshire 🙂


Collection_TinAt No Limits we need to raise about £1.2 million per year to ensure that we can continue to offer our excellent services to the young people of Southampton and across Hampshire. Many of these young people are disadvantaged or vulnerable. We all know fundraising is getting tougher. A recent Guardian Article ‘Charity donations and donors decrease, says survey’ commented on the recent survey of more than 3,000 people conducted by the Office for National Statistics. It found that donations to charity fell by 20% during 2011/12. The public gave £1.7bn less to charity this year, with the total amount given to charities by people across the UK falling from £11bn in 2010/11 to £9.3bn during 2011/12.

We do not want to cut back our services or dip into our reserves. So we need to find other sources of funding.

Support us by:

  • Organising an event and donate the…

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Having a home is so important……there’s no place like home.


PaulPaul works at No Limits as a Housing Worker. He started off by volunteering for us but almost a year ago became a paid worker. In a typical day Paul will help young people (often those who are very vulnerable) find accommodation but also ensure that they do not lose their tenancies. Most of his work is with the A2T project where No Limits engages with private landlords In Southampton and Eastleigh to provide accommodation for young people. He also supports young offenders to find accommodation after leaving prison or Young Offenders Institutions through our Next Steps project that specifically works with young offenders, care leavers and those who are young carers. He is also part of our Street Safe Team that aims to prevent young people sleeping on the streets of Southampton and respond quickly to those found rough sleeping by providing housing advice, support and access to accommodation. Paul feels…

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Why is poverty on the increase? Why as a country are we doing so badly? Poverty leads to inequality in every aspect of a child’s life and continues the cycle. Early intervention is essential.


Missing_GirlA recent report ‘Campaign to end Child Poverty’ has shown that on average throughout the UK, one in five children are classified as below the poverty line.

The Joseph Roundtree Foundation quotes: The proportion of children living in poverty has risen considerably in the last 30 years. In 1968 one in ten children lived in poverty (1.4 million children). By 1995 it was one in three (4.3 million children). The UK has proportionally more children in poverty than most rich countries. All political parties have signed up to the goal of ending child poverty by 2020 and to the 2010 Child Poverty Act enshrining this in law.

In Southampton (Itchen) where No Limits supports children and young people  6,015 children are in poverty i.e. 29% of the total population of children….the same as Glasgow North and Walthamstow.

However here at No Limits this (unfortunately) does not come as a surprise…

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